Sunday, May 8, 2011

East Boston Exterior Remodel/Restoration

Stripped door, Stained and poly'd/New paint/New recessed panels and custom moulding/New light fixture/New Wainscoting

This is a before picture of the  property. Owners want door to be stripped, stained and poly'd with new mail slot installed. Stair walls vinyl siding torn out as well as ceiling. Demo old windows above header. Remove storm door framing.
Discovered recessed panel moulding. Restoring with recessed bed moulding. Painting. Wall light fixture re-routed to overhead.

Stairs remodeled with pressure treated 2X. Up next painting...
Recessed panels on walls with bed moulding (Moulding sits slightly proud. Going to put in quarter round soon. Three kinds of paint to follow. OOooooOOooh..
Ceiling moulding. Re-routed wiring for new overhead light fixture!!

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